Question: What Is A Antonym For Original?

What is a synonym for different?

dissimilar, unalike, unlike, non-identical, contrasting, divergent, disparate, poles apart.

incompatible, mismatched, inconsistent, opposed, at variance, at odds, clashing, conflicting, contradictory, contrary..

What is a antonym for valid?

valid(adj) still legally acceptable. “the license is still valid” Antonyms: sophistical, expired, uncollectible, invalid, bad, nullified, invalidated, unsound, false, sophistic, null, fallacious, void.

What are the synonyms for original?

Synonyms & Antonyms of originalearliest,first,foremost,headmost,inaugural,initial,leadoff,maiden,More items…

What is another word for copy?

Frequently Asked Questions About copy Some common synonyms of copy are duplicate, facsimile, replica, and reproduction. While all these words mean “a thing made to closely resemble another,” copy applies especially to one of a number of things reproduced mechanically.

What year was the song Venus released?


What’s another word for not original?

What is another word for not original?derivativeunoriginalevolvedhereditaryinferentialinferredobtainedprocuredsubordinateworn out18 more rows

Does original mean unique?

Original comes from the Latin word originem, which means “beginning or birth.” Whether you’re using it as an adjective to describe something that is literally the very first, or as a noun meaning something that serves as a model for making copies, original means “first.” Even when you describe an original idea, meaning …

Who wrote Venus by Bananarama?

Robbie van LeeuwenVenus/Composers

What is the original version?

the original version (of a film): the initial adaptation, the authentic edition, the earliest version (of a film) noun.

What is an antonym of original?

Antonyms: platitudinous, timeworn, corny, unoriginal, stale, tired, bromidic, old-hat, ready-made, derived, commonplace, platitudinal, moth-eaten, threadbare, cold, slavish, secondary, last, shopworn, stock(a), hackneyed, well-worn, banal, trite, dusty, cliched. original(adj)

What is the best word in the world?

The best word ever — according to deep lexicographical research, science, taste, and common sense — is this: diphthong. McCagg got the idea for the project, he told me, while he was sitting in a restaurant.

What is another name for best?

other words for the bestadmirable.excellent.first-rate.magnificent.marvelous.outstanding.splendid.stunning.

What does not original mean?

lacking originality: lacking originality : not original an unoriginal idea a movie with a highly unoriginal plot an unoriginal thinker.

What is the closest antonym for the word original?

Antonyms for (adj) originalAntonyms: unoriginal.Definition: not original; not being or productive of something fresh and unusual.Antonyms: old.Definition: of long duration; not new.Antonyms: worn.Definition: affected by wear; damaged by long use.Antonyms: stale.More items…

What is the synonym of original?

SYNONYMS. authentic, genuine, actual, real, true, bona fide, veritable, not copied, archetypal, prototypical, master.

What is the antonym for best?

opposites of bestinferior.last.poor.extra.least.low.low-class.minor.More items…

Which thesaurus is best?

31 Best English Thesaurus Books of All TimeOxford English Thesaurus For Schools. … Oxford Mini Dictionary and Thesaurus. … Merriam-Webster’s School Thesaurus, New Edition, 2017 Copyright. … The Well-Spoken Thesaurus. … Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus Essential edition. … Junior Illustrated English Dictionary and Thesaurus.More items…

Who first recorded Venus?

Shocking Blue”Venus” is a song by Dutch rock band Shocking Blue, initially released as a single in the Netherlands in the summer of 1969. Written by Robbie van Leeuwen, the song topped the charts in nine countries.

What is the same meaning of valid?

valid, sound, cogent, convincing, telling mean having such force as to compel serious attention and usually acceptance. valid implies being supported by objective truth or generally accepted authority.

Does valid mean true?

Valid: an argument is valid if and only if it is necessary that if all of the premises are true, then the conclusion is true; if all the premises are true, then the conclusion must be true; it is impossible that all the premises are true and the conclusion is false. … All deductive arguments aspire to validity.

Does valid mean good?

sound; just; well-founded: a valid reason. producing the desired result; effective: a valid antidote for gloom. … legally sound, effective, or binding; having legal force: a valid contract.