Quick Answer: Is It Possible To Not Love Your Mother?

Is it OK to not love your mom?

No it is not bad to not love your mom.

Love things she has said to you that make you feel good.

No one has ever said you must every aspect of her.

Hopefully, if she is a good person and you are one also, those small feelings may grow into something bigger..

Is it normal to not love your parents?

It’s not normal. There could be myriad reasons why you might feel that way. … It was only then that I realized how abnormal my old feelings were. The good news is that I came to love my parents despite their shortcomings.

Why do I dislike my mother so much?

Most commonly, hatred toward your mother is your mental way of shielding yourself from further despair. While you may carry some guilt surrounding this, it is natural to experience these feelings, and there is nothing wrong with you for having them. The first step to moving past these feelings is understanding them.

How important is a mother’s love?

“A mother’s love is extremely important for the healthy emotional outcome of her children,” says Ridgefield therapist Janet Esposito. “In most cases, it is the mom who is the primary caregiver, and how she loves her children greatly affects their lives.”

Why do mothers hate their daughters?

Our mothers are typically jealous of us because they’re dissatisfied with their own lives and struggle with low self-esteem. When a mom favors one daughter over another, it’s often because the preferred daughter is more like she is. They share the same beliefs, have commons interests, and make similar life choices.

Is it OK to hate your family?

It’s completely normal, and expected really, to despise your parents when they’ve abused or abandoned you. Or even if they’ve never laid a hand on you but held you to unrealistic expectations or forced you to live a life you don’t desire.