Quick Answer: What Does YZ Stand For?

A good alternative is a lightweight dual-sport like the Yamaha WR250R (right), which harnesses much of the F’s ability in a less-expensive package…and it’s street legal.


What is the difference between a Yamaha YZ and WR?

WR450F vs YZ450F TECH The YZ clutch has been revised for the WR to make it more durable while a different actuator and larger diameter cable make it lighter at the lever. The YZ only has the kicker but it does have the cold-start lever. The WR engine mounts are thinner to allow more controlled flex in the chassis.

Is Honda making a 2020 cr500?

BREAKING: Honda Announces 2020 Limited Edition CR500.

What does CR stand for?

Another theory is that DR stands for “debit record” and CR stands for “credit record.” Finally, some believe the DR notation is short for “debtor” and CR is short for “creditor.”

What does KX stand for?

AcronymDefinitionKXFort Knox (KY)KXCayman Airways Ltd (IATA airline code)KXKnowledge Xchange (Accenture)KXKilleX (Team Fortress clan)

What does CR stand for Honda?

competition racerC R on the Honda stands for competition racer.

What does Yamaha WR stand for?

wide-ratio gear boxThe Yamaha WR450F is an off-road motorcycle made by Yamaha Motor Company. … The WR in the name indicates a wide-ratio gear box common to most enduro or trail bikes and stands in contrast to the close-ratio gearbox essential to a motocross racer.

What year yz250 is best?

A: If you had been a fly on the wall at the 2005 YZ250 planning meeting (which took place back in 2003), you most likely would have heard someone say, “We don’t need to change the engine because it has the best powerband in the 250 class.” And that was true, the YZ250 engine was the best 250cc motocross engine in 2003 …

What does Yamaha YZ mean?

YZ is Yamahas designation for race bikes. The F stands for four stroke. The YZR stands for Yamaha’s YZ racebike that is for road courses. The Yami dirt bike is actually named YZ250F. In the past the road racing bikes were designated OW-xx like the OW-01 which was a FZR750RR in ’89.

What is the best year yz125?

2005 and 20062005 and 2006 are biggest years for the Yamaha YZ125. In ’05 they changed to an all aluminum frame, made some engine changes, as well as changing back to a 6-speed transmission.

Yamaha WR450F – Street Legal Dual Sport MOTORCYCLES.

How fast is a Honda CR 125?

But the CR85 is about 60mph and a stock CR125 is about 80mph. All the 85 and 125 MX bikes will have similar HP and top speed. My CR125 specifically, like 45 mph.